Here's the Sydney Opera House. Ok, it's a very common angle shot, but you know what? it's not easy to find a terrific spot and organize everything when you only have one end of afternoon and no more light at 6pm! Meanwhile, I've tried to make my picture more interesting than common ones by choosing a long exposure time (≈ 100s) and then give more motion, reflexion and light to the water. I was far to think so much attempt would be necessary! In fact, there is a tremendous boat traffic in the bay and it's really difficult not to get your shot ruined by the multiples lights of crossing boats… from one edge to another of your frame! Patience is one rule, I swear, and the Sun don't wait for you… In 10 minutes maximum, everything is done and it's night… proof above! About adjustments, I've mainly add exposure and changed the white balance to avoid to much yellow tones.